Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater At first I didn't really like this one. I actually started it months ago and put it down to read other books. Something the other day made me pick it up and I am so glad I did. It was a amazing read.

I felt the first three quarters of the book were a bit slow at times, but I did enjoy reading about Sam and Grace's romance. It was so sweet. The last quarter of the book was so intense and emotional.

I found the writing hard to get into at first. But once I found the rhythm it was beautiful. I especially liked the short chapters around about 54, 55. They set the mood and conveyed so much emotion with so little words. I am not one for poetry but this book had a poetry vibe to it that I loved.

The ending was perfect just enough to make me really really wanna know what is going to happen. When I was reading it I was thinking it was 3 stars but towards the end I was like wow this is totally worth 5 stars.

I am looking forward to discussing this one with my friends at work.