Afterlight - Elle Jasper I did really enjoy this book. But I was really disappointed with the ending. Why did it have to be that the main character gets knocked out and when they wake up the bad guy is dead and everyone is safe. It just felt like the author gave up and couldn't be bothered finishing the story. I wanted to know who killed the bad guy and how it all went down. One other thing that bugged me with this book is that it was repetitive a lot. I don't know how many times we heard from Riley about her bad teenage years and how much of a wild child she was. I also felt that not much really happened in the way of story. It was a lot of character interaction, I didn't really understand the plan to save the day and Why did Riley have to go back to the clubs they never found anyone at the clubs, they always found the (Hoodies) in abandoned warehouses and by the river. Maybe I missed something.

I feel like i am knocking this book a lot. But I did enjoy it. I had fun reading it. It made me giggle at times. The characters had great chemistry and the story was good. I just think it could have been written better. I will be reading the next one. I don't know why but when I started it I had it in my head that it was a Young Adult book. It totally is not. hehe