Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I so far have not finished this book and I am not sure If I will. I am sad because I really enjoyed the beginning of the book and I liked where it was going but I feel like it hasn't really gone anywhere since. I keep waiting for the story to begin. I feel that there is a lot to take in all at once. With all the explanations of the different types of supernaturals, werewolves, the faires, the vampires and whatever she is. I am not sure. And after all the explanations not much has really happened. I do want to finish it because it may get better. But I keep putting it down to read other books.

So I did pick it up and finish it. It was ok. Before I finished it I knew that I would not read any more of the series. But the ending made me want to know more. So I might pick up the next one.