Winter's Shadow - M.J. Hearle I was drawn to the cover of this book. I think it was the red hair that caught my eye. The mystery in the blurb on the back sold me. I was drawn in straight away. I was interested to knowing more about Blake and Winter and liked where it was going, right up until the point of when you start to find out about all the magic and supernatural stuff. That is where it lost me. I was disappointed with how it all played out.

I think it needed so much more character interaction between Blake and Winter for me to believe how much they cared for each other. To me it was really only a school girl crush. She only knew him for a week and she was in love. I think it would have been a great story if Blake really did kill all those girls and the Bane were the good guys trying to kill the monster. But maybe I am just to old to enjoy this story. It had potential but just didn't do it for me.