Darkest Mercy - Melissa Marr Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! This was amazing! I just absolutely loved it! There could not have been a better end to the series. I was so surprised by this. I have always enjoyed the wicked lovely series but I was unsure with how it would end and be wrapped up. But it was just perfect. There is a great battle, many twists and turns, all the characters reunited and Leslie is back.

I loved what happened with Keenan and Donia. Through out the whole series I never liked Keenan but as soon as he said that he was not to be the Summer King he became one of my favourite characters. So many OMG moments made this a really enjoyable read. I am quiet sad that the series is over (I want more). But I do look forward to one day re-reading the series as I think it will be fun to read again.

The very very ending was a little sappy with all the romance but it is a faerie romance after all. hehe Excellent read. I will say it again I loved it!