Fire  - Kristin Cashore Can I give it more than 5 stars. I absolutely loved it. Right from the very beginning I was hooked. Kristin Cashore is an amazing writer.

When I first found out that it was not about Katsa and Po I was a little sad but I soon understood why the author is writing the series this way. It was a fun new kingdom to get to know with new monsters and magic but still within the world that Graceling was set. Having Leck as a child helps link the two books together and It will be interesting to see if in Bitterblue if any of the characters from Fire will make an appearance. I am thinking one of the babies. I read this pretty much in one day.

One part of me wishes I took my time but I just could not put it down. I found that the book had so many emotions and so many plot twists. I never knew what was going to happen. It was very much like a soap opera. Like in Graceling Kristin Cashore has an amazing way of creating characters and have them evolve and grow within the story. I just loved how character driven the book it. It doesn't have a lot happening in the way of plot but I feel that the characters are strong enough to keep it interesting.

One thing I would add it that I am not sure why this is classified a young adult book. Some of the themes are quite adult. But I am not a young adult so none of it bother me.