Firelight - Sophie Jordan 5 stars all the way!!! Amazing! What is going to happen? Such and intense ending. I can't wait to find out what happens. I want the next book now. :) The whole dragon thing is something new and different to me. I think it could have been explored more in the book. Like what are the enkros. I thought that when Will found out about Jacinda that we would find out about his side of things but no. It was a fun quick read. I could pick on it a bit. But they are just little things over all it was really good.

One thing though and like I said I don't wanna pick on the book but when I started reading this book it got me thinking that it is starting to get a bit annoying in young adult books how it is always the same formula for the romance to begin. New girl at the school gets the hot guys attention who is never interested in any other girl until they came along. or the hot new mystery guy likes the not so popular girl and this makes the popular girls mad. I want the authors out there to get creative and think of something new. It always reminds me that I should stay away from young adult books but something always pulls me back in. hehe