Boneshaker - Cherie Priest I had a hard time getting through this one. Halfway through I was trying to decide whether or not to finish it. I felt that I was waiting for something more to happen. I didn't really care at all for the main characters. I feel sad cause I was excited about a steampunk and Zombie adventure but it was just not doing much for me.

I hate not finishing books so I did finish it. But It did feel like a chore, as I kept reading nothing much changed in the way of the story. I guess I liked how all the characters got together at the end and fought the big bad. I found the main characters were flat and they could have been developed more. I kept waiting for them to evolve as the story progressed. Some of the minor characters were great. One armed Lucy was fun and so was Captain Cly. They were quirky and I think they all would have had better stories to tell.