Passion - Lauren Kate hmmmm I feel a little lost. I think I kinda enjoyed this book? I am not really sure. When I was reading it I was enjoying the story but once I finished it and processed it all I start to pick on it. The time travel stuff went on too much and I need some answers. Will we get them in the final book? I hope so.

Luce was annoying and the whole time I just wanted her and Daniel to meet up and have an actual conversation about their situation. I think they could have worked together and resolved there problems. I don't really even think that they are in love. Do they really know each other at all. And if you think about it they have been apart more than they have been together. But no instead Luce runs into the past and Daniel says he is trying to find her but every time just misses her. I think he could have tried harder. And the past story I wanted to find out about the most was where they first met and how it all got started.

I feel like this was only half a story. The copy had the text was so huge. If the text was half the size it would be only a 200 page book, plenty of pages to finish the rest of the story and give us all the answers we need.

Overal an entertaining enough read, but I feel sad because I really enjoyed fallen and I think it has gone down.