Spy Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy - Book 3) (Glass Trilogy) - Maria V. Snyder Wow that did not go where I thought it would. I have mixed feelings about it. It gets 5 stars because I enjoyed the read and I always love reading about Opal, Valek, Ari, Janco, Kade, Yelena and just everyone in the Study and Glass series. But I am not sure I understand why Opal ended up with Devlen. He did way to many bad things to Opal to just be forgiven. I actually thought that he was going to be pretending to be in love with Opal for magical gain. I felt really bad for Kade. His character was built up a lot in the last two books to be just dumped like that. But I did see it right from the start that there relationship was not going well. I got really excited in the beginning when Valek turned up and wanted to train her to be a spy. I think that is where the whole story should have gone. She should work for Valek and the Commander in Ixia. This book makes me want to re-read the whole study and glass series from the beginning and I definitely think I will be. I hope that Maria V. Snyder decides to return to these characters and writes more books set in Ixia and Sitia, possibly from Janco or Ari's POV.