Stray - Rachel Vincent When I started reading Stray I kept thinking why Werecats? I had a hard time imagining it all and I couldn't think of cats as being at all tough. Werewolves are so much better. So in my head I kinda made them werewolves. It wasn't hard to do as the way the Pack was run and structured just reminded me so much of other werewolf books I have read. It actually reminded me a lot of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten (One of my favourite books). But saying this doesn't mean anything bad. It is just a quirk I had in the beginning of reading it.

I did enjoyed this one. The story flowed and developed at a great pace. Nothing felt rushed. It is action packed and filled with many fun characters that I hope we get to know more about in the books to come. Faythe is not the greatest lead character. At times I found her a little immature. But I can see and hope that she will develop and grow as the series continues.

Overall I think that it is a great first book in a series. I wonder what will be in store for Faythe in the next few books.