Pretty When She Dies - Rhiannon Frater 3.5 Stars

I like Rhiannon Fraters style of writing. From what I have read of her writing I have noticed she has the ability to really create situations that you could believe could happen. Especially at the beginning of her books like "Pretty when she dies". Frater answers the Question what could it be like if I was one day turned into a vampire? Or in her Zombie novel " The world dies: The first days" what would happen if you woke up to the Zombie Apocalypse? These are questions I sometimes ask myself and it is great to find some answers in a novel. :)

What I liked about it. It was bloody and raw. The first half of the book is exactly like how I would imagine being turned into a vampire would be like. Confusing, scary, and messy.

What I didn't like was how the book changed in the second half. I just didn't think that was were the story was going to go. I didn't like her relationship with Cian. It just seemed too convient. He was the first vampire she met. I also didn't like the Necromancer stuff. I just found that weird.

But overal it was a good read. I did enjoy it.