Aftertime - Sophie Littlefield I was really excited to get into this one. (As i always do with Zombie books) But I am not sure if I was too hyped up for it that I got let down. I liked concept of the book and the lead character Cass was interesting to get to know. She was a broken woman. Been through some tough times. I found myself not really caring for the main mission of the story. I was however interested in why Cass survived the zombie Virus. But of course you don't really find anything out in this one. I am hoping some answers will be in the next few books.

There is a high gore factor to this one. It was very descriptive with the zombies and how they ate their own flesh. I found the last few chapters to be exciting, like it finally started to get good and then it ended very abruptly. I didn't like how the romance between Cass and Smoke developed. It was very quick and out of no where. You also never really get to know Smoke he is still a mystery. I think he has a hidden agenda. I guess I will have to wait and see.