A Discovery Of Witches (All Souls, #1) - Deborah Harkness This is one of those reviews where it is easier to say bad stuff about the book than the good. But I did really enjoy this book. It took me a lot longer to read than the average book but it was a lengthly 690 pages.

I was very excited to be starting a book about witches and magic. but It took a huge chunk of the book to actually get to the witch stuff but I did enjoy it however. I think it could have been constructed a bit better. Maybe split into two books. It was quiet long. And at times not much really happened. There is a lot backstory on many of the characters. This I did like. I helps understand some of the characters reactions and motivations.

There are so many plots in the book it is actually hard to think back and realise what the plot is. But I can see how it will all tie in together, well I think I do. I found myself waiting for the action to really start. There are a few conflicts but I just found these resulted in Diana getting injured and then the next few chapters being about her recovery. I got a bit worried when time walking got mentioned. I am not a fan of time travel but I am quiet excited to see where it is taken.

I really liked Diana as a character at the beginning, I found her to be a strong independent woman, who knew her strengths and weaknesses. But towards the end I found her to be quiet dependent on Matthew. There romance grew to quickly. She had an attraction to him and then Bam it was love. It was a little to much to soon.

I liked all the creatures that were created and how they all interact with each other. I feel like there is a huge back story to the witches and Vampires, I wanna get to know the Daemons a bit more.

Over all it is a great read. I enjoyed taking myself to the park and reading this one. I look forward to the sequel. I think it will be a great adventure.