A Good and Useful Hurt - Aric Davis 3.5 stars

At times it was hard to read with the brutal descriptions of the murders and the serial killers thoughts. I did ask myself at one time why am I reading this?? The short chapters made it easy to keep reading and made it a quick read.

The style of writing is easy to follow and get sucked into the story. I enjoyed getting to know the characters at the tattoo shop. It is sad what happens to them all. (the ending did make me smile)

I liked the concept of the ashes in the tattoos and the connection it creates. It is a unique concept that added a supernatural element to the story.

I usually enjoy reading outside but I found myself reading this one inside with the door locked. It did creep me out a bit.

Overall I did enjoy it. It is a story about life and that bad stuff can happen to good people. I would recommend it, but I would warn it was disturbing at times and pretty descriptive when you don't want it to be.