Blackout - Mira Grant 5/6 Got a copy in the mail today. I am excited to start it but so so so so nervous at the same time. I am worried at what might happen. I will be starting it after work tomorrow. :)

11/5 It has been a few hours since I finished reading Backout and I am feeling really sad it is over. I am happy with how everything wrapped up, but I feel it finished really quickly. I have been trying to get my thoughts out about this one, my mind is still processing it all. So sorry this review isn't flowing nicely.

Wow wow wow, That was amazing! Mira Grant is an amazing author. I absolutely loved this series. and Blackout ended it perfectly. I am sad that is over. I want more!!!

I remember when I started reading Feed I had some trouble getting into, but it was the characters that kept me reading it. I just loved the characters that Grant has created. But as the story unfolds I got sucked into the adventure and conspiracy. I was so invested in these characters that I was nervous and worried to read it. I didn't want anything bad to happen to them.

I do know that I will re read the whole series again one day and I know I will probably pick up on things that I missed the first time around, because it is such a complex story. The whole series had me feeling very emotional. The plot twists and turns effortlessly and had me on the edge of my seat.