The Passage - Justin Cronin WOW... That was EPIC!!!

Book of the year for me. Amazing!!! I feel like I can't put complete sentences together about this one.

This book is an epic journey. It is written with great emotion and unfolds with mystery. It is about survival and discovery. Told through multiple POV, I at first thought this would be annoying but I actually loved it. You are able to see the whole story from every angle. It was a roller coaster of a journey for me. The Length of it was a worry when I started it and at times I did struggle, It became a love hate relationship. But in the end Love one. I didn't want it to end. I carried it around like a security blanket for the whole week it took me to read it. Now that I have finished it I feel a little lost. I loved picking it up and unraveling a little bit more of the story.

The characters that have been created are so complete and well rounded. I just couldn't get enough of them. I am excited and looking forward to continue on with the story in The Twelve. It is on my christmas list.

I have the feeling that this book is not for everyone. I think that you will either love it or hate it. The length might get to some people and maybe it drags a bit in certain places. But I loved it. What an Adventure!!