Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs I was really excited to read this one. But I was totally confused as soon as I started it. I figured out that you have to read the novella Alpha and Omega to have a better understanding of the story and what is happening.

At first I really liked Anna, she is broken but strong at the same time. You can see she is trying to hold it together as much as she can and then when charles came into it she went all weak and boring . I was enjoying the story and was interested to see where it was going to go. But as soon as Charles came into it and was like "she is my mate we are bonded" and became all controlling and possessive. I was not happy. And as soon as Anna found out she just excepted it. I feel like Anna went from one controlling situation to another one. She never had a chance to make up her own mind. It all happened way to fast for me.

Also I didn't like the constant switching of point of view. I think it could have been a stronger novel if it was just from Anna's point of view. I felt disconnected from the characters and at times I would forget whose point of view I was reading from.

I am not sure if I will read the next one. I probably will because I like the Marcy Thompson books and I didn't like the first one of that series but I did enjoy the second one a lot. So we will have to see.